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Azerbaijan State Puppet Theater of Drama (210) established in 1931. Functioned in a different way: Independent Theater (193141; 1946-50), the Young Spectators Theater (194146) and the Azerbaijan State Philharmonic (1950), and since 1965, the independent theater. There are Azerbaijani and Russian sectors. Initially, the theater, Russian and Western European theatrical plays, Azerbaijan's oral folk literature, "Haji Kara" (Akhundov), "Almas (J.Jabbarly)," Alexander and the Shepherd "," Dwarf "," Narcissus "(M. Seyidzade ) and b. səhnələsdirilirdi works. 60-70 from the year began to present repertoire for small children. since 1975, as well as plays for adult viewers: "Three tales" (A.Shaig), "Twin brothers "(XZiya)," This house whose house "(RHeydər) and b. 1974 A. Shaik gave the name of the theater. the theater performances by actors hidden behind the scenes, the puppets are involved in. different shapes and a variety of puppets Such management systems are provided. dolls sizes vary from a few centimeters to the size of two people.