Adress:Azerbaijan, Baku, Azadlig avenue 95

Telephone:(012) 441 61 04

Time of work:11:00-23:00

On the territory of Koala Park there are several attractions that will give your children a different and unforgettable experience! Those who dream to fly adore the attraction "Flight of the Bumblebee", where the children embody their dreams, rising to the height of their imagination. Dreaming of becoming princesses, policemen, rockers and other characters, will not pass by the attraction "Mir". "Steam Engine", which publishes the sounds of various animals, will take your children away on a long journey into the fairy savannah, where they will see a giraffe, a savanna. And for the whole family we have the biggest attraction "Family Hills" - for fans of speed and thrills. However, the smallest members of the family who have not turned 4 years old, will not be allowed to visit this attraction. For them there is a large elastic "Trampoline" and various rocking chairs, where laughter and exclamations of joy are no less than on the slides. Other attractions - other sensations!