Adress: Azerbaijan, Baku, Bakikhanov st 26

Telephone:(012) 440 10 96

Time of work:10:00-19:00

Baku Zoo Park, is the favorite place of young families, children and adults . You can find here 154 species of animals, 40 species of mammals, 40 species of fish, 11 species of reptiles, 63 species of land birds. Baku Zoo Park kept African lion, Amur tiger, jaguar, leopard, Scotland pony, European deer, pavian gamadryl, raccoon, Nile crocodile, African ostrich, ara parrot kept the animals at their natural environment. You can also find endangered animals like deer, black-beard, black vulture, white-headed vulture, a number of eagles, wild birds, pheasants, water birds golden goose, spoonbill