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Adress:Academic Ahad Yaqubov str 15, AZ1003, Baku

Telephone: +994 12 491 91 91

All city residents over the age of 7 will be able to benefit from the service of Baku City Carting Center, established at the Water Sports Palace with the support of the Baku City Ring Operation Company (BSC) and the Azerbaijan Automobile Federation (AAF). The main purpose of creation of carting centre is to develop an auto culture in Azerbaijan, increase interest in this kind of sport among the public and prepare local cadres for future Formula 1 races. It should be noted that the cardboard machines used by Baku City Carting Center belong to French SODI CARTS. SODI carts differ from other carts in terms of technical guidelines, convenience, modern design and, most importantly, security.24 cart movements are possible at the same time as the carting path. To ensure security, the edge of the cardboard is covered by high-quality barriers. The rubber particles filled with these barriers and the special ribbon pulled to the edge ensure that the coupling force is equally distributed throughout the entire barrier system.