MC Donalds

In Azerbaijan, the first McDonald's Restaurant was opened on 6th November 1999 in the city of Baku on Fountain Square. From the first day the Restaurant has become a favorite place for young people and children that the meeting is a good tradition in our days. In Azerbaijan, currently operating 10 Restaurants McDonald's. In 2014, McDonald's Azerbaijan solemnly celebrated its 15th anniversary.


Lviv Handmade Chocolate House

“A sweet chocolate paradise” is the best meaning for Lviv Handmade Chocolate in Baku. There is a cozy café with mouth-watering desserts and a shop with handmade chocolate products, the assortment of which astonishes even the most demanding gourmet from the Caspian Sea and beyond. Chocolate House is Baku as all other Restaurants has its unique interior, distinctive details projecting a chocolate history of Lviv.



The world-famous brand "Nutelland" in the capital, "Nutelland Baku" will move in with the name."Nutelland Baku" will meet with a number of surprises sweets, tastes like a sweets shop that can achieve this. Children who come to our cafe will not want to get out of here again. Another feature is that the sweets shop, picking up dishes and both indoor sitting outdoors possible taste.